Monday, July 17, 2017


Continuing with the cities-as-lovers theme:

Hitzäcker, Germany.
 Since the beginning of this year I’ve had some interesting and intimate dates with a few different cities. In a previous blog I mentioned a few quick dalliances with some cities in the Western United States. The intimate encounter I did not include was with Germany in the Spring. Like a decadent chocolate or smooth vintage, some sensual experiences are worth savoring before sharing...

For as many shades of blue that exist in the South Pacific, Germany, at least in Spring and now Summer, has that many shades of green. It fills the eyes and lungs with images of luxurious green-and-gold undulating carpets for miles into the horizon. Woven within this tapestry are “threads” of color from the varieties of wild and cultivated flowers. The wildflowers and groves of trees assume their proper places in the orderliness of the fields, the pastures, and the woods.

Germany nurtures the senses with these verdant landscapes. The crisp blue skies, when the sun decides to come out and play, entertain the fluffiest of white, billowing, playful clouds. The light that filters through the trees at dawn and dusk harmonizes with the gentle breezes through the leaves while the cheerful chatter of birds confirms that all is at peace. 


For me, a subtle difference exists between feeling peaceful and being at peace. One is fleeting, while the other takes root. 

Farm life. Wietzetze.



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