Monday, January 22, 2018


After 6 months in Germany, many of the initially quaint points--an old church or stone fountain--have become more familiar. I wanted to capture some snapshots of various cities I have visited. The challenge of course, is selecting just one. Some of these are unique, others are just photographs I love because they capture the feeling I have here. I hope you enjoy this little trip through Deutschland:

Typical church tower in Bavaria. This one is in Soyen, a municipality in the district of Rosenheim .

Fields of farms everywhere.

Grain growing near the Stuttgart airport.

Detailed sculpture outside a church in Stuttgart.

Summer wedding day in northern Germany.

One of the 7 mills in Waldenbuch. 

In the Schwarzwald--Black Forest.

This was 500th  year for the Reformation.

View of Kassel, in Hessen.

The potato harvest in northern Germany.

Germany is a mushroom mecca



Frauenkirche, Dresden.

The Trabi--symbolic of East Germany.


Wartburg--where Luther took refuge.

A tribute to the Brothers Grimm in the city of Kassel.

The Orangerie, Potsdam.

The Wall. Berlin.
Winter wonderland.

The Christmas markets are a highlight.

Stuttgart Christmas market.


Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart.



The Noble Knights. Heidelberg.

Interior Dome, Frauenkirche, Dresden.

University. Leipzig.

Sun sets on the Capitol. Berlin.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

The Canary Islands, Madeira, Lisbon & Cadiz

Near the North African coastline, a chain of beautiful volcanic islands beckons the traveler in search of a different type of landscape. Deriving from the latin word for dogs, the Canary islands most likely were named for the barking seals many sailors encountered as they stopped along their trade routes.

Like most islands, especially those along a trade route, different countries and settlers laid claim to these islands. When you view the lunar-landscape, you wonder at first how anything survives in the black volcanic soil. But the islands cultivate wine, which is exported, and live off of tourism. Current theories suggest the earliest inhabitants were Berbers, and later migrants came from Europe, mostly Portugal, Spain, and Italy.

After a while you have seen one too many palm trees, so I am including photos here of some of the unique architectural influences or natural landscapes.

Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

Arrecife, Lanzarote

The volcanic landscape still has some active hot spots.

Because of the wind, the grapevine are planted in these little stone circles to protect them.

Santa Cruz de La Palma

 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Puerto del Rosario, Fuerteventura

In addition to the Canary Islands, the port cities of Lisbon, Portugal, Funchal Madeira, and Cadiz, Spain, have a unique charm and history.

Funchal, Madeira

Lisbon, Portugal

The famous cakes across from the monastery--

Same architect as the one for the Golden Gate in San Francisco...

Cadiz, Spain